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We Have The Free Best Website Builder for small business ? You don’t need to be an expert in website design to create your own site with our free website builder ? When I began delving about the best website builder available online, I had no idea where I should start or what I should investigate. I accept I was completely clueless! You also can find yourself in such a quagmire. This can be coupled with the fact that your time is concentrated between your full-time job and the various responsibilities at your disposal. When in this conundrum that everyone faces, here at your aid we guide you as to why our best website builder is the best. We rank high in delivery of free website creation services.

We offer a range of designer pre-made templates The Best Website Builder proffers ample professionally designed Templates and Banners to choose from, which can be changed and swapped with one click to make a completely different look. This is exactly what our service offers. There are several templates which are ready to publish with one click We can build a site and have it up and running in 15 minutes instead of weeks or months Our trusted Technical Support We have a trustworthy technical support team who has a strong mastery of their segment. We proffer toll free phone support and the team is professionally e-commerce trained. Our online website builder service is available 24/7.
best website builder best website builder

Easy Yet Effective Website Building Tools


Help make your own professional website and arrange it online over a couple of minutes! No previous experience or technical capabilities needed! It really can’t have better to produce your individual professional website… Begin to use our effective EZ Website Generator Tools at this time around!


Effective Feature Packed System


Using this professional yet feature wealthy system you’ll have possibly the most effective system with photo galleries, streaming audio & video, contact forms, Facebook integration, etc… Everything most likelywill probably develop, and you’ll have the opportunity to produce and edit your individual professional website inside of the number of momemts!


Supreme & Professional Templates


Using our extensive gallery of website design templates over 100! surely you’ll uncover the very best the idea of your website. Within the (over 100) website design templates you’ll be able to make and edit your personal professional website with in a couple of momemts.


Fast Professional Support


Fast professional support … For individuals who have questions, our professional support team will help you fast. Furthermore, you will get extensive documentatiom and Video Training available 24/7 to acquire your individual professional website up online fast!




Create Your Own Professional Website And Get It Online TODAY!


In the world of increasing competition for resources, you cannot allow yourself to lose such an important resource as the attention of potential clients, which is today concentrated online. So after a question of having online presence is not a question anymore but an obligation for any business and freelancer, it is now extremely important to choose the right site builder for your needs and skills to be able to make a good-looking SEO optimized and professional website that will promote your business image, not deduct from it. With that in mind, we’ve gathered top-10 site builders that you can choose from to start a pro website with no knowledge of coding stuff at all.


The list of top website builders

  1. uKit











  1. Description of one of best website builders uKit

UKIT is leading software for designing websites, and many clients rate it the same or higher as Wix when comparing overall functionality and its separate functions. There is no such a thing that uKit wouldn’t allow you to create, not requiring from a user knowledge of making code, Photoshop skills and designing. You can safely select one of hundreds of up-to-date templates it offers, widgets, customization, mobile friendliness, SSL, and domain names – all of these for a very low cost.


Advantages of this website builders company:

  1. Advantageous price tags considering its tremendous functionality, also taking into account many discounts when paid for much time at once.

  2. High usability and changeability of templates.

  3. SSL, SEO, and other technical improvements to your website are included in every package, allowing making your website as professional from the start as it should be.

  4. Simple intuitive interface and tens of millions of users globally.


Disadvantages of the web page builder:

  1. Blogging websites and web stores are not the most powerful sides of this site builder. Of course, you can create them in uKit but for vaster functionality of enhanced customer experience, you may want to search for another site builder.


The pricing model of the platform to build a website:

There are 4 plans of subscription in which you pay $5, $10, $12, and $15 a month. You are proposed to pay for 3, 6, 12, and 24 months with one payment to receive advantageous increasing discounts (-5%, -10%, -20%, and -30% accordingly). That’s so easy as it can be and up to date, for all this set of professional features it offers, the price is best on the market.


  1. Description of a website builder

With dozens of millions of websites all over the world created in this site builder, it is ranked amongst the most popular builders. It is easy to use drag-and-drop functionality, it’s simple and intuitive. However, it is killingly demanding for the PC resources and the fast speed of Internet connection to work.


Advantages of website creation services:

  1. Intuitive, easy, popular.

  2. It offers a free plan that will not push you to buy any of the paid ones unless showing ads all over your website’s pages like many free plans of other site builders do. In the rest of the paid options, it is a great value for money.

  3. Many remarkable categorized templates, loads of tools and features.

  4. Powerful client support.


Disadvantages of the quick website builder:

  1. It is highly demanding for the power of PC and your Internet connection so if you’re located in some Lao Republic or Kazakhstan where the Internet is super slow, it is highly likely you can’t use Wix for good.

  2. One cannot switch template after one will have launched the website to go live.

  3. It has so many options of customization that this may be confusing for a newcomer to this site builder.

  4. Many websites that use Wix use it just for fun, not creating anything truly remarkable or professional.

  5. It is not load-optimal so don’t expect a Wix-created website to render on your screen lesser than in 10 seconds.


Pricing model:

It offers 6 plans (5 paid and one free) ranging from 4.08 to 24.50 dollars a month but each of them excludes from those prices Site Booster and Form Designer software, a domain, and advertising vouchers. To gain them, be ready to pay extra $48-$75 for each. Also, be aware that the basic plan for $4.08 a month does not give you a possibility to avoid Wix commercial banners on your website.


  1. Description of a website builder

This site builder is great specifically for web stores and thanks to that tuning it starts with 29 dollars a month.


Rated advantages:

  1. You can connect many channels to sell your merchandise, including alluring social media (that embrace popular ones like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram).

  2. Amazing and powerful inventory for your e-store to manage loads of merchandise items with ease and effectively.

  3. Has powerful sales features that professionally add to your profits.



  1. It is impossible to create a full-fledged store only using editor, as it will require from you to switch between it and a dashboard. But is it a disadvantage or just a peculiarity – it is up to you to decide.

  2. Shopify Payments system, when used on your website, triggers you to make a transaction fee for purchases made through it – this is not a rare disadvantage in the area of e-store modern website builders.

  3. Be aware to switch to another theme, as nothing you’ve customized will be done the same as you did after switching, so you’ll have to redo things from scratch.


Pricing model:

It has three basic models of subscription: $29, $79, and $299. When you pay for 1 year with one payment, you get -10% discount. Paying for 24 months at a time, you get -20%.


  1. Description of a website builder

This web builder is highly easy to use, has nice support service and help, slightly lower than 4/5 flexibility of its templates and ranked as 3/5 in features and functionality value for your website.



  1. Advantageous support that will not make you left with your problem alone.

  2. A big number of responsive templates suitable for many screens across platforms.

  3. Its app market is fantastically easy to use.



  1. In some features, you will not receive 100% of professionalism and usefulness. Some of them are simply nice-to-have, not a must.

  2. The same problem as with Wix – once your website goes live, you can’t change the template unless building a completely new website once again.

  3. Flexibility and creative freedom are not points of strength in this site builder.


Pricing model:

The four tariff plans range from 17 to 41 dollars a month, giving you, however, fantastic discounts ranging from 52% to 62% when you buy their subscription for 3 years. Other options of buying it are annually and 2-yearly but the drawback here is that you can’t procure for 1 month only – the minimal point is 3 months.


  1. Description of a website builder

This site builder gives you a great fun factor to work with and it is actually one of the most powerful site builders on the market, while it has a major drawback of not providing you a free subscription plan.



  1. Multilingual websites easy supportable.

  2. Personalization tools are powerful and appealing.

  3. Working with the drag-and-drop feature is easy and not challenging.

  4. Easy to backup and restore to the needed point in time if you happen to mess up purposefully or not.



  1. It does not give a free use option and starts with relatively high prices (for instance, its initial monthly price is higher than the most premium price in uKit).

  2. App store is not allowed – so you can’t sell digital products like in Play Market, for instance. You can drag some elements to the page and arrange a process of selling but you shall do it manually, though.

  3. The depth of navigation ends on three levels only.

  4. Not so great widgets, e-commerce, and blog, and there is no newsletter tool.


Pricing model:

The basic model of subscription starts with 14.25 a month, continuing to $22.50 in the ‘Team’ plan and ending with 74 bucks a month for a maximum option named ‘Agency’. They used to have the biggest option for 299 dollars a month but they have removed it.


  1. Description of a website builder

Weebly is specifically tuned to create great-looking professional and light yet effective business websites. You will appreciate the brilliance of the outcome product. Advanced users will enjoy fine-tuning their websites using changes in HTML and CSS, while the rest of users not familiar with coding peculiarities still can elaborate a great website thanks to its highly adjustable templates.


Advantages of this interactive tool:

  1. Cool customization of templates and a possibility to add to the pages all widgets one may want from a business website.

  2. Mobile-responsive themes are beautiful and full of life (no wonder it is the third most popular site builder in the world).

  3. Amazing SEO guides that will help you with most of your questions.



  1. Not so easy to use and it takes time to get used to and master but it is compensated by an excellent outcome.

  2. Help and support could have been better.

  3. Drag-and-drop is limited and to make real personalization, you will have to do some coding.

  4. You can’t restore a website to the previous version if you mess up. But that can be fixed (in most cases) by contacting a support center with a personal request.


Pricing model:

With 4 plans (one of which is free), it gives great value for the price. 5, 12, and 25 bucks a month each will give you own features but even in the free one, you will have decent storage space (at least 500 Mb) and SSL security so you can arrange your payment process at the start.


  1. Description of a website builder

Great for its money with a lot of dos but also a lot of don’ts. If you want it for powerful blogging or e-commerce, then this is just not your site builder. But you can try it for the rest. Also, it gives a possibility to work with HTML code and provides a nice visitors’ statistics (but we’d recommend you to use Google Analytics instead).



  1. Very low price.

  2. A number of nice responsive templates.

  3. A high ease of performance and adjustment of templates.

  4. Unlimited depth of navigation levels.

  5. Expanded SEO opportunities.

  6. Unlimited storage space and bandwidth in higher-cost plans.



  1. Poor languages support that only makes you able to work with the English version.

  2. Not too great widgets and many of them are absent (like Google Map with ‘find us’).

  3. Poor e-commerce and blog power.

  4. No password protection and no newsletter tool.

  5. No telephone support (but they do have chat, FAQ, and e-mail that should resolve 99.9% of issues).


Pricing model:

$2.45 a month is as low as no one else from modern and powerful site builders on the market offers in an initial paid subscription plan (but that limits you to only 5 pages at a time). For 7.44 dollars a month, you get a possibility to build websites up to 200 pages and a backup. 12.45 dollars will make you able to buy the possibility to build an online store.


  1. Description of a website builder

In 2017, this site builder launched a major update to its previous builder called ‘GoCentral’. It is a powerful AI-managed tool for building websites that offers its users over 15 hundred templates categorized in 20 directions. Users that don’t want hustle and bustle of creating own website can use its ADI option (Artificial Design Intelligence) to build something beautiful and functional in a matter of minutes (with a possibility to change it after).



  1. One of the longest free try-and-buy periods on the market of site builders – 1 month.

  2. Has ADI functionality that no other website has so powerful, which allows you to create your own website tuned for you within a few minutes only.

  3. Very cheap yet powerful.


Example of disadvantages:

  1. It does not provide you too much creative freedom and flexibility in templates sacrificing it to simplicity and agility of work.

  2. While it has a vast number of options and widgets to use, it would be nice to give to some of those the additional depth for bigger value.

  3. Help and support should definitely have been better.


Pricing model:

With only $5.99 a month, it gives you a possibility to buy 2 months at once actually (one free trial and 1 paid). For that, you get a responsive mobile design, great page load times, website hosting in one of the popular domain names, SSL, and a possibility to create a blog. For 9.99 dollars, you get all mentioned, PayPal button, and SEO features. For 14.99 a month, these are added with E-mail marketing, ‘Google My Business’ map, integration with social media with a possibility to share content directly to Facebook. And for the most expensive variant costing ya $29.99 a month, you get the mentioned and a number of highly useful additional features to boost up your business.


  1. Description of a website builder

If you will use jimdo, you’ll find it easy to build up a blog, e-store, or a number of other websites. It is a purely classical site builder that is average on the market but will make it easy for a novice to launch own website.



  1. High customer score.

  2. It is inexpensive to turn off annoying built-in commercial.

  3. Opting for a Business plan and higher, you can grab unlimited storage.

  4. Good to start your business fast.



  1. Not good templates that bring poor professional value.

  2. You can’t restore a site to the point in time.

  3. Neither a good nor easy visual editor.


Pricing model:

For zero dollars, you get a decent batch of options: HTTPS protocol, nice bandwidth, 0.5 Gb storage, and a subdomain. Paying $7.50 more, you get a free domain for 12 months outside of subdomain, largely increased storage and bandwidth, no ads, and a possibility of optimization for mobile screens. Opting for 20 dollars a month, you get the mentioned and unlimited storage/bandwidth, SEO optimization, and an online store. Going for 30 dollars monthly, a user receives a professional SEO add-on. And with the highest plan for 40 bucks, it is possible to have an expert site review. Opting for the two latter or not is your discretion; however, we’d advise you to stay within a 20-dollar plan.


  1. Description of a website builder

Squarespace will make you feel lucky in terms of implementation of your site and the use of its editor. If you want to look like a pro, not spending hefty money to a person-developer, Squarespace is your solution. Over 1 million pages all over the Internet were created with this site builder. Why not make your site become the next?



  1. Trial period available.

  2. Amazingly good design flexibility, control almost over everything, and a number of high-quality templates.

  3. Nice help, support, and value for money.



  1. Its editor is not so easy to use but it allows delivering remarkable results.

  2. Takes time to master.


Pricing model:

It offers 4 subscription plans ranging from 16 to 46 dollars a month, with discounts up to 31% if you pay for a year with one payment.


What’s the best website builder of websites?

A site builder is a dedicated online or offline software that allows building up a site based on one of the existing templates. It is specifically elaborated to allow various people of the world to make and launch their sites to start their online presence. It is required in various cases (like a business or personal site with or without sales on it) but all users of such site builders are united by a number of similar criteria:

Sure, sometimes it may be tricky to do the site with no knowledge and experience at all. But all things take time to master, even the easiest ones. So if a user has seen other sites and can generally work with a computer, it means that highly likely he will master the work with site builders in hours as max. Also, some site builders are not as easy as others. A part of them is designed for professionals in this or that area of web building, and here is where such articles as ours become handy to choose a proper site builder. So choose wisely and based on your feelings.


Website maker online vs. a manned development

Pros of a human pro:

  1. The site that you get is tailored specifically for you and can be changed to your needs without technical restrictions.

  2. It is technically highly effective with no embedded silly limitations or third-party banners, which you don’t want.

  3. It is made according to your technical specification, so you will be sure that 100% of what you wanted will be implemented in a final product.


Cons of a human pro:

  1. Ultra-costly. Compared to a few dozen bucks for a nice site up to hundreds of dollars a month for a mega-professional web store that one can create in the online site builders, the price tag for work of a human professional starts with thousands of dollars. If you want support later – you shall pay more or do it on your own.

  2. Time-consuming. It may take several months to make a really decent site.

  3. You have to hire a person on a contractual basis or as a freelance employee but these are linked to taxation, negotiations, and bureaucracy.


Pros of a site builder tool:

  1. You can create a site really fast. Some best site builders offer to shorten this time up to minutes. The other will require hours or days but it is still vividly faster than with a manned work.

  2. Cheap. Starting from 0 dollars, you can mostly receive a professionally-looking site.

  3. You can do further changes and upgrades on your own, not hiring anyone.


Cons of a site builder tool:

  1. You will have to pay on a monthly basis just to the make site be alive.

  2. Not everything that you can do with online/offline site builders will be professional, optimal, and bring you as many visitors as a manned work could give.

  3. It still takes your time and efforts to master it and to make the job done.


Who can use website makers?

It is understood that site builders are not for everyone. But who can dive into its possibilities? We will answer that in the next form:

  1. Owners of any small business online or offline who sell products, services or their mix. Would it be a car dealer with a few cars sold per month or an interpreter who wants to gain more clients… All these kinds of small business along with thousands of others are good enough.

  2. People who don’t have an online presence yet and want to change that. Being present in social media before this point can be the additional advantage or you can join them after you do the site to receive more cross-links between your resources.

  3. People who wisely count their money not willing to overpay for a simple job that can be even done by an advanced AI that is already standing behind several site builders today.

  4. Users, who appreciate their time highly and want to make use of every minute of their life. For such ones, the possibility of creating a site fast may be a decisive priority.

All created sites in any site builder will have certain technical and technological limitations, which list will depend on a specific builder. However, it is nice to have at least anything that may automatically create your site than not to have it. Also, users opting for high-end pricing plans, as a rule, receive almost any functionality that can be offered to them by humans site builders.


How to choose a website creator right for you?

We advise you to always start walking from your abilities and skills. If you don’t know anything about building up a site and only know sites based on what you have seen on the Internet, you should choose those site builders that will allow you do the site with no knowledge of:

But remember that in the area of running a site, there are so many tricky issues that a person can’t do as it would be done with a professional man builder. For instance, take an issue of promotion. Have you seen many sites built in the site builders that would take high places in search results? Obviously, no. Because it takes much more efforts to put a site into the top than just to build it up and throw some meta tags into its pages. If it was easy, everyone would be able to go into the top, which would make reaching the top pointless.

And here is where we come to stage two of choosing. If you do have skills and want to get maximum out of what a site builder offers you, select a builder that allows coding, changing HTML, CSS, adding new widgets and stuff, largely changing the appearance of pages.


Features to look for website creation


Industry-best choice of a site builder

We only list the best possible options from the site builders mentioned at the beginning but it does not mean that you shouldn’t try selecting another builder to arrange your website. Maybe you will find some of them not too powerful for your tasks while others can overwhelm you with their might and a number of tools. In any case, you should try.


Website builder software reviews by customers

Below, we provide to your attention 5 website builder reviews:

  1. Meghan from Calgary replies about uKit: It’s literally anything this site cannot do. I needed to make several different sites for my clients (e-shop, a gallery-type portfolio, a business site filled with information), and it copes well and professionally with everything. When I have been working with it for a long enough time, I was already aware of what to expect and how to create a new good-looking site for hours instead of days.

  2. Evelyn from Portland leaves feedback about Although I had to go to a place with the powerful Internet to normally work with Wix, it gave me a lot of creative freedom in every chosen template. This visual implementation is astounding and I can’t tell that I would change Wix for any other site builder unless I will decide to go for a professional website in the future, largely upgrading what Wix offers.

  3. James from Ottawa tells about With a clear goal of creating a professional web store, having many ideas in my hand, I specifically chose as one of the best tools for making specifically e-stores. This site builder has not let me down, allowing receiving a modern and nice-to-use web store in only days of fine-tuning and attaching all widgets to it to create the exact look just as I wanted.

  4. Elijah from Switzerland speaks about A powerful website creator that allowed me to design a website based on numerous beautiful templates. I had to redo it several times following new ideas that were in my head, even sometimes starting over. But that’s not a con of a site builder, it’s just me and my striving to perfection.

  5. Noah from Berlin shares his opinion about I didn’t have on my mind a sophisticated website, it should have consisted only of 10 pages or so. When I started picking a site builder to cover my need, I found and that was totally enough for me. After mastering the work in it, I created a website within 2 days and launched it on a fancy domain – it still brings me profit.


FAQ about simple website builders and others

Can I build a website only by myself?

Undoubtedly, you can. Website builders are here to make website creation process possible for everyone, specifically – for people with no or little knowledge in this and adjacent areas (like hosting, promotion, making changes to it and so on).


What is the price to start a website?

It depends on your website creator. Some of them offer a limited-time version for 0 dollars while largely limiting websites in functionality. Widening it is usually possible after purchasing a better subscription package. If you want a modern technically optimal website with value-adding functionality and appealing design, you will have to pay around 10-20 dollars a month. A web store usually starts with 20-30 bucks a month and some really powerful store will cost you around 200-300 dollars a month.


Mobile versions

Nearly every website builder offers a mobile or tablet version of a site at a default. If your builder does not – then it’s a bad builder. Mobile friendliness is a must today. Besides, most of the newly created sites often start with a mobile version, later broadening to a PC version as now over 60% of Internet users swim in mobiles every day.


Drag and drop options

Visual editors are the biggest power of any easiest website builder. WYSIWYG is the often-applied abbreviation to those meaning ‘what you see is what you get’. You drag and drop items to your page, resize, reshape, and alter them using a comfortable touch of a computer mouse. Not all elements of pages may be altered without boundaries and limits, though, but the most part of website builders allows doing so. If you want more space to creativity and functionality – simply choose a website builder that allows operating with an HTML and CSS code.


What domain names to choose?

Usually, if you are planning any commerce, you should opt for a site having ‘.com’ in the end. There are other domains of that nature, though – like ‘.shop’ or ‘.boutique’ but they are lesser widespread than ‘.com’. The same, you can select a domain within your country if a website builder allows you to. These are ‘.ca’ for Canada, ‘.fr’ for France, and so on.

For information-only sites, use ‘.inf’, ‘.co’, ‘.org’ or other applicable. For educational institutions, they usually offer ‘.edu’ domain. For governmental facilities and bodies, they propose ‘.org’ and ‘.gov’ domain names. There is also a list of other domain names for many practical situations that your website builder may offer you within its subscription plans.


SEO pieces of advice

SEO optimal sites get better results in search results in Google. If you want your site to appear in the first or second pages of the search, you have to work hard on optimizing your SEO. Some website builders propose you to have SEO tools in their dashboards so you can do the job.



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